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Passing Between Inquiries

from Old Hits 2: More Old Hits by a truth called nothing



What is profit?
Lost in the massive amounts
Of space known as surface
Which I did not consume
Technique is stored in parantheses
That changed a good portion of problems
But I should have expected something to go wrong
I've removed a few of the reactions

What is chance?
The recommended strength of music
Accumulated wealth
Seems to be life's culmination
The fulsome challenge of longing
My people, my flesh and blood
I have some real work to do here
And no one can find the writ

What is death?
Minus was the only reason
Put some flesh on my god
Walking out in the street
Blood runs cold with boxes of earth
The room beckoned quietly
But possession overcame all
Everything comes to an end


from Old Hits 2: More Old Hits, released February 1, 2019




a truth called nothing Stockholm, Sweden

The European atheist art-rock band, a truth called nothing, is made up of contrasts: they combine hi-i with lo-fi, death with joy. They have been active since the new millenium began, collaborating heavily with the european movement to legalize assisted suicide, as well as emerging at the forefront of the online phenomenon "Borgarkrossarna" ("The Bourgeois Breakers"). ... more

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