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originally appears on "sluggerhand" (2015)


I've never felt this way in myself
Like I'm in control
I need to step outside of myself
To rock 'n roll

Playing my guitar
In a room without a light
Put myself to the test
And in the end, it feels all right
But I can be so blind

Need to pretend I'm someone else
To be me
But I might lose track of whatever it is
I want to be

When you're confined in your preconcieved ideas
Your own identity
May construct your enemies
But I can be so difficult

The stage is set for the bold to take
By force of by hand
As I force my hand
To make the weak understand

I'm not gonna play my guitar anymore
I've been trying to stop
The guitar is a luxury I cannot afford
I'm not ready to rock
And I didn't play my guitar for about seven years

Directing machine
From a podium in my mind
Whilst collecting the names
And smashing the chimes

When you're confined in your preconcieved ideas
Your own identity
May convince you to be sincere
And do it one more time


from The Orange Orangutan's Revenge, released July 21, 2016




a truth called nothing Stockholm, Sweden

The European atheist art-rock band, a truth called nothing, is made up of contrasts: they combine hi-i with lo-fi, death with joy. They have been active since the new millenium began, collaborating heavily with the european movement to legalize assisted suicide, as well as emerging at the forefront of the online phenomenon "Borgarkrossarna" ("The Bourgeois Breakers"). ... more

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